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This is my website. After many years and attempts at making a variety of pages work for a variety of purposes I have decided to only have one place to hang my hat now. All of my varied interests and directions will be housed here. A number of other names point this way but will always end up here.

So what does “Freelance mage” mean?

Over the years I have had a variety of jobs (see Resume) and at everyone of them i always end up doing things on the side. Eventually this worked out to be a full-time gig and I very happily worked for myself for some 8 years until the hunger pangs finally overcame the stubbornness and entrepreneurial thoughts. I finally found a job I truly love, but cannot now leave my customers, friends, and fellow Macintosh users in the cold. So I still answer my phone when it rings and answer questions and see people as I can. (as I’m doing as i write this)

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